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There is 30 years of experience of dealing with the radon problem in the Czech Republic. Radon Action Plan is coordinated by the State Office for Nuclear Safety of the Czech Republic.
Outcomes of the National Project:
The entire territory of the Czech Republic is covered by radon index maps (1:50 000), which are used for targeted searches to identify buildings with a high probability of an elevated indoor radon level. The map is shown in Fig. 1, and a detailed radon map for the town of Jáchymov and its surroundings is shown in Fig. 2.
The action level and the limit for radon concentration in habitable rooms are defined by legislation (Tab. 1). If the action level is exceeded, the house owner should optimize the protection against radon. If the limit is exceeded, the building authority may prescribe necessary measures to lower the indoor radon concentration (in public buildings).
Building codes have been introduced that specify the design and application of protective and remedial measures against radon from the soil and radon and gamma radiation from building materials. The radon label of the house forms a part of these building codes. The radon label serves for comparing the measured indoor radon concentration with the action level (and the limit level), and also provides information about the risk of lung cancer (Fig. 3).

Fig. 1 - Radon index of foundation soils. Map produced by the Czech geological survey,

Fig. 2 - Radon index of foundation soils in the Jáchymov region, scale 1:50 000. Map produced by the Czech geological survey,


FIg. 3 - Radon label of a building expressing the risk of lung cancer.