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Your lungs are at risk not only from cigarettes, but also from radon, a radioactive gas that occurs widely in nature and also in houses.

If you want to learn more about radon, take a walk along the radon nature trail that was located in the Jáchymov region because the first measurements of radon in dwellings in the Czech Republic were performed here. The first remedial measures were also installed in Jáchymov, between 1990 and 1996. The high concentrations in old houses in Jáchymov result from the former mining activities. The houses were built on highly permeable rock slag left behind after silver and uranium ore mining. The radioactive wastes generated during the production of colour pigments from uranium ore for the ceramic and glass industry were used as a filler material for mortars and plasters.

You will encounter relics of former mining activities in the course of your walk along the radon nature trail - some rock dumps, and Svornost Mine, which supplies the radon water for medical treatment in Jáchymov Spa.

The trail starts at the museum, continues along the foot of the hills in the west, and ends at the Radium Palace spa hotel. You will walk along quiet paths with a wonderful view of the eastern slopes of the Ore Mountains, and beyond Spitalni Church a pleasant forest track will lead you to the end of the walk. In the course of a three kilometre walk, you will find information displayed on nine notice boards focussed on the following topics:
1. Health effects of radon
2. Factors influencing radon levels in homes
3. Sources of radon in buildings
4. Ways of measuring radon
5. First measurements and first remediation measures in the territory of the Czech Republic
6. Ways to increase the effectiveness of existing measures (new approaches tested in practical applications)
7. Efficient measures for reducing radon levels in existing buildings
8. Ways of protecting new buildings
9. The national radon program


Map designed by Eduard Milka


The radon nature trail is the first trail of its kind in the world. It was established in 2010 within the framework of the Radon Programme of the Czech Republic, with financial support from the State Office for Nuclear Safety and from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and with the help of the town of Jáchymov.